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This means we spend no time soliciting donations or raising money and at no time do we ever sell any resource, teaching, or publication. We know that the Lord will provide and we hold to a strict theology of financial principles.

Partner With Us

If you have benefited from our ministry and publications and would desire to see others equally blessed, please consider the many needy souls in countries like India, Philippines, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, and Lebanon who have reached out to us with the Macedonian call, appealing to us to provide Christian publications to feed their hungry souls. Also consider the many pastors who need reference books, study tools, and devotional literature to increase their heart and head knowledge of Jesus Christ. As you soberly consider our brothers and sisters and their spiritual needs, here are six practical ways you can help us as we seek to address those needs and endeavor to bless as many saints at home and abroad as the Lord permits:

  • Invite FLP/FLM to your church to give a power-point presentation and to distribute free books.
  • Evangelize with us locally in the United States.
  • Volunteer for a short-term mission, help us translate Christ-centered literature, or assist us in some other way by using your God-given skills.
  • Share our ministry work with others via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email. etc.
  • Pray for FLM to fulfill our vision of worldwide literature saturation: “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Isa. 11:9).
  • View, download, and order literature online from FirstLove Publications.

Since we are and remain a faith ministry, we rely entirely upon God’s faithfulness and those individuals He leads to support us in each of the above ways. We gratefully receive support from those who freely desire to give. Please note that all of our donations go toward the production and distribution of free literature in the United States and around the world. We especially seek to provide Christ-centered resources to pastors and believers in developing countries, those who could not otherwise afford the gospel message in printed form. If you feel the Lord’s leading, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here or by clicking the below button.

Also, please be sure to visit our AmazonSmile page to see how you can help support us without any cost to you.

Support FLM Today

You may send a check, cash, or money order to FirstLove Missions at the following address:

FirstLove Missions
P. O. Box 2190
Dublin, CA 94568

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